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DRILL SUB fills the market need for trenchless installations and directional drilling. The company mission is to be the one call trenchless subcontractor for difficult crossings or installations. DRILL SUB utilizes the latest range of trenchless options and techniques to execute faster and affordable.

Why Trenchless ?

By using a combination of existing trenchless installation techniques and directional drilling equipment, DRILL SUB aims at resolving the inconvenience caused to the general public by reducing or by not having to dig up roads or nature strips. Owners and agencies are actively looking for innovative and affordable trenchless installation options.

Why Choose Us?


DRILL SUB provides a turn-key solution to owners, agencies and contracting companies looking at reducing installation cost by use of trenchless installation methods. We will not only execute and coordinate the installation process; we also get involved right at the planning stages. We assist in the conceptualization of various trenchless products and techniques and the planning or designs of sections of a project that could be done trenchless. We have engineers on staff that will investigate soils conditions, provide design calculations or any other input & planning that a Professional Engineer will provide. Our staff is trained to work as the 3rd party contractor to the prime contractor on site or could do the work as a prime contractor itself.

Trenchless Water line Installation

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Compact Utility Bore

Installation of 6" sewer line - drilling in rock 

Mole installations

Installations using Pneumatic Moles for Water, Sewer, Gas and Electrical Services 

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